Monday, March 5, 2012

Downloading Price Quotes from Yahoo! Finance: an Excel-Based Tool

By Geng Deng, PhD, FRM and Olivia Wang, PhD 

Yahoo! Finance is a useful tool to get the latest quotes on various financial products. Although it is very convenient to see the price movement of the security of your interest (for example, IBM Stock) on Yahoo! Finance, it is somewhat more difficult to download the data into your own Excel spread sheet. 

We recently designed an Excel template which allows users to directly download price data from Yahoo! Finance. You can download the tool from our website. To use the tool, simply call the macro function using the following syntax:

=GetPriceQuote(Ticker, Date) 

Here "Ticker" is the ticker of the security, and "Date" is the quote date.  The following screenshot shows the template in action (using IBM stock as an example):

If you have feedback for us while using this function, we would enjoy hearing from you.

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